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Prefill fields when pushing defect to JIRA



I have a question regarding the push option to add a new defect in JIRA in Test Runs. Namely is it possible to prefill certain fields? For example for Jira project A we use label A1, for B we use B1. So that when user X working for project A pushes a defect the label A1 is already prefilled in TestRail? With other words can I give the JIRA fields a certain default value?

Also for the project field which is now a drop-down list, if I can link values to a TestRail project I can reduce the risk that a user selects the wrong project as well

I took a look at but I couldn’t find what I needed or perhaps I was looking at the wrong page?

Thanks in advance for any help!



Hi Yves,

Thanks for your posting! Depending on the field type (e.g. dropdown), TestRail would automatically remember and restore previous selections (per TestRail project and user). It’s currently not possible to define this in advance but TestRail would automatically remember this as you push new issues to JIRA.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thank you for repying so quickly on my question again. For some fields this is ok and helpful but one of the more important Jira fields that we use for filtering is ‘labels’ which is not a selection field unfortunately. It would be a nice to have but it’s not that it is crucial. I am just hoping that everyone will enter the case sensitive labels correctly :wink:

Kind regards,


Would be nice feature if it is like in JIRA once you start typing it gives suggestions :smiley:


Hi Yves, Viljam,

Thanks! I hope the dropdown auto-remember feature helps in the meantime but we will make sure to look into extending this to other field types in the future. Thanks again for your feedback on this!



Has any progress been made on adding the JIRA Label field to TestRail as something we can pre-populate?