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Preconditions for Test STEPS


Is there a way to have preconditions on test STEP level rather than on test CASE level ?


Hey there,

TestRail would allow you to place preconditions on the test level. What you could do on the step level is enter preconditions in your test step but use markdown to call out the preconditions so that they are more easily noticeable. In fact, we have quite a few customers that use markdown for preconditions this way. You can see our markdown support documentation here:


Is the feature Spacefrog asks for on a “new feature” list? I ask for I can see wanting/needing the same thing. If the test step preconditions could also be composited such they can be reviewed in one field, so much the better.

The ability of having a field (whether individual test step preconditions as Spacefrog asks for, or a “composite” field as I desire) is that the data then becomes searchable! This capability saves time when wanting to know which tests had a certain precondition; for example: searching for all test cases where machine needed to be loaded with a certain type of consumable supply X.

As a work around, I am planning on adding a customized “Consumable” field to the test step.