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Potential bug when moving test case from executed run


To me this looks like a bug but you guys can see it differently:

I have two test runs with two different underlying test suites.
First one has been already executed but not closed, second one is being prepped for execution. If I go back to 1 Test Suite and decide to move a test case to Test Suite no 2 (ie because functionality wasn’t delivered in that release) what will happen is 1st Test Run will have this test case removed and its run result, Test Run 2 will show new test case but won’t show it’s run result.

To me this is bug as we lose the run detail and it’s not moved to new run. I probably would prefer to still see this test case under old run but as read only or with specific comment (like “moved” or something)

The actual Completed (Closed) Runs behave correctly cause in there it will keep the test case and its results even though it would be removed.



Thanks for your posting. That’s not a bug actually and the expected behavior. The reason for this is that TestRail cannot know if it’s safe to move results to another test run since the test run could use or run in a different context (e.g. configuration or environment). Moving the results wouldn’t make sense in this case. Also, while there may be just one test run for the source test suite, there may be multiple test runs for the target suite.

Could you explain why you want the test cases to the other test suite in the first place? It sounds like you are adding a new test suite when you start a new release, is this correct? This is usually not needed and we recommend using milestones to organize your releases/versions in TestRail instead.

Thanks and I look forward to your reply.



Just to add to Tobias,'s post, perhaps use Copy instead of Move. It stops that removal issue, and associated loss of the test result.



Thanks for your feedback on this, Neil. Yes, using Copy instead of Move is a good idea, thanks for the suggestion!



We have run into the same issue a couple of times. In our case, we decided to reorganize our suites. However, we did not want to lose the history of the results from previous runs. So, moving a test case from one suite to another has caused us to lose months of data.


Hi Jeffrey,

I’m sorry to hear that and you can close test runs & plans to archive them. The next version of TestRail will also display the warning/confirmation message when moving test cases much more prominently, so this will hopefully avoid such situations in the future. You can look into restoring a backup (also to a secondary instance serving as an archive in case you can’t restore this backup to your production instance, please contact us in this case at