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PostSharp 2.0


I’m interested in using PostSharp 2.0 to facilitate my SmartInspect implementations however I have noticed that the current SmartInspect PostSharp Adapter is built against PostSharp 1.5 which is probably not useful for PostSharp 2.0 since there are breaking changes with the MethodBoundary aspect.

Do you plan on updating your PostSharp adpapter for 2.0?


Hello Kevin,

we definitely plan to update our aspect library once PostSharp 2.0 is released. However, you should already be able to use the library with PostSharp’s CTP. I tested the aspect library against last week’s release and it worked fine with the following changes:

Just delete the three references


and readd


I hope this helps! Please let me know in case you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help with.




I tried to use:
]Postsharp 2 (build 1079) [/]
]Smartinspect 3.3 [/]
]VS 2010 RTM.[/*]
The “Watching field values” sample doesn’t work as expected as the previous value is always null.
The trace shows FIELD = 50 [was: null] instead of FIELD = 50 [was: 12].

Can you have a look at it?


Hello Jacques,

I have already answered this question via email, but I thought other users might be interested in this as well:

We could reproduce the problem and it looks like the new Laos 2.0 implementation (Laos is part of PostSharp) is not 100% compatible with the previous 1.x version. I have just emailed the owner of PostSharp to check if this is a known problem and what’s the best way to implement field tracing with PostSharp 2.0.

We are looking into updating our aspect library for the new PostSharp version soon (we are still waiting for the final PostSharp release).