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Postman and Testrail integration

How to link Postman testcases to Testrail? I want to run a collection either from Postman or through Newman command line but want the reports generated on testrail. Here’s what I have done so far:

  • Have all my requests in a collections and test cases written under each request.
  • Got same test cases on Testrail.
  • Got test case ID from Testrail under postman test cases.
  • Got API key linked.

I get the following error:
newman: could not find “” reporter
ensure that the reporter is installed in the same directory as newman
please install reporter using npm

I followed line by line instructions from this but all in vain. Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi @kbsrinath,
did you install the reporter for newman and testrail correctly?

npm install -g newman-reporter-testrail
And configure the connection accordingly?

So, I don’t use newman, just from an older discussion…

Yes, to the best of my knowledge and from that medium blog. If there is a step by step documentation elsewhere from Testrail team, happy to try it once again or I can get on a phone call to resolve it if required.