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Posting results to my folder just creates uncategorized folders


I have java automated test which posts results in wrong area. I am giving it section_id which should post results to my folder, its 3 folders deep: Functional › Globalization › Internationalization. I got the section_id by using browser on testrails, clicking Internationalization folder in Test Cases, and looking at browser URL, it has ‘…group_id=381211’. On test, I have this on class level: @TestRailMetaData.SectionId( sectionId = 381211 ) . But the test posts to Functional > Uncategorized only. I would like it to post to Functional › Globalization › Internationalization. One unique thing about this test is it is paramaterized, it gets recalled once for each string in a array, using junit. But the results are all there in uncategorized, only in wrong place. Any ideas?