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POST API with Testrail results

My unit test did work great with the API to TestRail.
After a few updates (add more unit tests).
The API stops to work and does not add the results in the Testrail run case.
The error that I get is:
"TestRail.APIException : TestRail API returned HTTP 400 (“No (active) test found for the run/case combination.”

Same URL and URI, User and password.

APIClient _client = new APIClient(“”);
After Dbug the full URL is :

Need help with this issue, please

The code :
public void test()

            string cvvv = "333";
            bool newww = _channelValidations.CdfIsEmptyOrInvalid(cvvv);
            Assert.False(newww, "CVV number is invalid");

            var data = new Dictionary<string, object>
                {"status_id", 1},
                {"comment", "This test worked fine!"}
            JObject r = (JObject) _client.SendPost("add_result_for_case/4/1239", data);



Thanks for your post and welcome to the TestRail Community.

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