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Possible to sort by a column in a Runs reports


I want to sort by either Assigned To or Status in a Runs report. Is it possible to set the column to sort by before the report is run?


Hi, I use pandas to sort my columns.
I first get the results and store them as dictionary. I then convert the dictionary to a pandas data frame after which i can do any kind of manipulation like sorting the columns.

I guess @sboritz was asking for a report feture and not a way to sort data fetched via the API.
But maybe I’m wrong…

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That’s right kwirth. But, I appreciate prabhu’s suggestion. Although, I just don’t have time to learn that currently. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Hmm. Maybe I can copy and paste the pdf report into excel and it will put the data into the cells correctly? And then I can sort from there? Wish you could just export the report in CSV or Excel format. Then that would solve the problem.

Yikes. Just tried it. Very messy. Not sure that’s a viable solution at all.

have you tried to export a run as csv?
Afair there was an option to do so. Then you can use the Excel magic like you want…

Oh. Let me try that. Didn’t realize I can do that. Thanks.

That’s what I was looking for. Thank kwirth!