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Possible to mirror and link test cases in separate projects such that editing one makes changes to all of them?


My company’s app is on Android, iOS, and a desktop version and I have three TestRail projects to reflect the Android, iOS, and desktop versions. My TestRail projects are set as a single repository, using Sections to organize the test cases in each. Although the three platform versions of my company’s app are different enough to warrant their own TestRail project, much of the core functionality is similar. Currently, when I edit a test case in the Android project, I often have to manually edit the duplicate test case in the iOS and desktop projects, and copy-paste the new values.

  1. Is it possible to flag certain test cases to be linked and mirrored in separate projects, such that editing one automatically makes changes to all of them at once?

  2. Is there a better TestRail structure you’d recommend for our situation of a multi-platform app on iOS, Android, and Win/Mac?


I’ve just started using TestRail for our regression. I have nearly 1300 tests in our test pack. From this we have a sanity and smoke test pack which are simply cut down versions of the main regression pack. Feature 1 described by andyhlee would be invaluable in keeping the maintenance of the test packs low. A vote from me.


Hi Andy,

We would usually recommend using just a single project in this case as this usually avoids duplicating test cases and make it easier to manage cases. TestRail has a dedicated feature just for testing against multiple environments/configurations with test plans & configurations:

This makes especially sense if the platforms share a lot of cases and you can add additional custom fields (e.g. a multi-select fields for tags) to manage the platform on the case level (and then use this field as filter for the case selection when adding test runs/configurations/plans).