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Possible to disable "Add Results" and/or Status change in Run / Suite view?


In an attempt to capture Elapsed times for every test case, I’m looking for a way to disable the Add Results button and Disable the ability to change a status from the Test Run / Suite view.

I only want the tester to go into the test case and add test results from that window after using the timer.

I’d actually really like this change just in specific projects in TestRail, not a global change.

I’ve looked through all the UI Customizations and can’t seem to find a way to disable these.


  • jacin


Hi Jacin,

Thanks for your posting! Disabling the standard ways to add results is not really possible (because the pages are highly dynamic and it’s difficult to change them via UI scripts). That said, you can simply make the Elapsed field required (requires TestRail 4.2 or later) and you can configure this under Administration > Customizations.