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Possible bug - page busy - downloading picture sidebarBack.png


Hi TestRail support,

I create a Test Run, ran my test. Test Failed so I log it in my Jira then went back and edit my test run to add my Jira bug number.

But i noticed that the page was continuously busy and at the bottom of my IE 8 browser it reads
Downloading picture http://mydomain/images/layout/sidebarBack.png

I switch page to a different part of application but it still trying to download that image. I log in to my server where TestRail is installed, navigate to the images folder and that png file is there.



Hello Roy,

I haven’t seen that issue before. When Internet Explorer showed that message in its status bar, was the image displayed correctly? This particular image is used as the gray background of the sidebar, so if the sidebar on the right had a gray background (opposed to having no background/white), the image was correctly loaded. Maybe IE just didn’t clear the status bar message?

TestRail is usually not directly involved in serving image files, as those files are directly loaded from the web server without going through the application.



Hi Dennis,

Yeah the gray background is present i.e. there is no broken/missing images. I restarted my server and clear my cache on my client but that didn’t fix the constant downloading message in the browser.

I tried with Firefox and it is not doing that downloading thingy.

I guess for now I will switch to Firefox :slight_smile: