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Possible Bug - Ontime reference hover link points to type=defect even if type=features



Using ontime integration - reference view url is set to:


Yet when I hover over the reference, the hover box will bring up the defect with the same ID, as does the generated reference field. The url effectively changes its type to defects


I double checked the integration settings and all is in order - it should be set to features

The defect view/add integration isnt even defined. ( double checked global and per project settings ).

This is using the Axosoft Ontime | REST integration

N.B Clicking on the reference link in the test will bring me to the correct link. The problem is only with the hover preview window.

Is there a work around?


Hi Halldór,

Thanks for your post! It looks like the Axosoft entity structure has changed, as they now use different entities such as features, etc instead of a globalized ID system. Can you send an email to so we can try various settings/configurations to see if we can get this to work properly? We would also likely need to retrieve some extra details/logs to get more context. We look forward to your email!