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Possibility to include test cases by priority in test runs



Thanks for your great tool, the usability is amazing.

We are currently evaluation TestRail and some other test management system for our organization. And we have a couple of features that we are really missing.

Basically we have around 400 test cases. When we test a new release or a new build, we often don’t have the time to test all cases so we would need to be able to create a test run including only cases with priority 4 and 5 for instance.

As far as I can see I have no way to do that except selecting each individual case when creating a test run. This is of course not possible as we do this quite often.

Did I miss some options somewhere ? In the case this is not possible, is it something you have planned to do and when do you think this will be released ?

Best regards,


Hello Laurent,

Thanks for your message and great to hear that you enjoyed using TestRail so far. The feature suggestion you mentioned is definitely planned and we had a similar feature discussion in this forum before. We basically plan to add a case selection filter to the Add/Edit Test Run pages so you can, for example, easily include all test cases of Priority 4 + 5 and/or test cases of the type ‘Usability’ etc.

Our current plan is to add this in the minor update after the next update. The current plan is to have this at the end of the year, although things might change. It definitely has a high priority for us.



One thing I forgot to mention: if you select your test cases manually in the meantime until we have this feature, you would be able to rerun existing test runs. When you rerun a test run, all previously selected test cases are preselected so you wouldn’t have to select the cases manually again for subsequent runs.