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Possibility to change the name custom fields?


I know, that there is no default possibility to rename a custom field, but: Is there any possibility to rename a custom field? :slightly_smiling:

(maybe via search and replace in the database?)



Thanks for your posting! You can change the label, description, field options etc. anytime in the UI, it’s just that you cannot change the (internal) system name of the custom field once you’ve added the field and decided on a name. This is also just an internal property of the custom fields, so regular users wouldn’t see this system name in the UI.

If you haven’t used the field so far, you can delete and re-add the field with a different system name if you like. Please note that deleting a custom field will also delete the actual data so please double-check that the field is not (already) in use.

Also please don’t change anything in the database directly as this will lead to a corrupted and inconsistent database and we cannot support such a database.