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Plugin JIRA_REST Invalid HTTP Code 404 error displayed while we point to a JIRA references


I am getting Invalid HTTP code 404 while we point to a JIRA references, Defects etc ,Could you take a look at it .


Hi there,

Thank you for your post. The message you are seeing simply indicates that:

  1. The JIRA URL you have set in your integration is incorrect
  2. TestRail is unable to contact your JIRA installation

I would recommend checking your JIRA URL that you have configured by going to Administration > Integration. In the Defect Plugin text area, make sure the URL is correct. To simplify the process, you can run the JIRA integration wizard again.

Additionally, make sure there is nothing keeping TestRail from talking to your JIRA instance.


Hi Marty,

Thanks for the quick reply !

Looks like the JIRA url is correct , because when i open the link in a new tab it is taking me to corresponding JIRA projects.

If the JIRA url is not correct ,then i feel it should give an error when i try to open the link in another tab .

Please suggest !


Hi Bijesh,

Thanks for your reply! The 404 error can be triggered by many different issues. I would recommend e-mailing us a screenshot of your Administration > Integration page directly to so that we can help troubleshoot the issue in specific. This way we can have a look at the details without sharing anything publicly. We look forward to your email!