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Plugin "Jira_REST" Defect - Field Due Date


Hi Guys,
i have 2 problems regardign Jira Rest, in short:
First problem: - When Push Defect from TestRail, appear the follow message:
Plugin “Jira_REST” returned an error: duedate: Due Date is required.
In the Integration, i have added duedate=on but is not shown in the push defect

The Second Problem:
Only for Bug Issue in Jira, there is correctly reported TestRail results but TestRails Case are is empty (see picture)

In the other issuetype in jira, TestRail Results and TestRail Case are correctly populated.
Could you help me?


Hello Paolo,

Thank you for the post. In regards to the custom field, it appears that you have not included the second piece of information for adding a custom field from JIRA. You should have two sections. The first of which you have included with duedate=on. You should have a second separate section that looks like this:


This of course is just an example. You would need to change this to the appropriate information. More information on this can be found here:

In regards to your second question, can you take a screenshot of the case in TestRail showing that it is linked to your JIRA defect?

Thank you


Thank You for respose asap.
For first point, I’m trying to manage field custom, there is not present type date (Jira needed it when open the bug, called duedate).
Second point, as you can see, the references are correct:
Type Epic, TestRail filed are correctly populated:


For Bug, TestRails Results it’s ok, is missing TestRail Cases.

Thanks in advance



Hi Paolo,

Thanks for your reply! JIRA’s due date field would use a date picker, however in TestRail you can configure this as a string field. You would then just specify the date in whatever format your JIRA instance expects (e.g. 2017-03-08). This would be configured as follows under Administration > Integration:


label=Due Date

In regards to the TestRail: Cases section of your JIRA issue: This section is meant to only display test cases that have been linked via TestRail’s References field. Test results that have included defects would always be visible in the TestRail: Results section of the add-on (as the Defects field is specific to results and not on the test case level like the References field), and you can expand the results to see extra details or click on them to quickly jump over to TestRail. Hope this helps!



Hi Garcia, thanks for your solution but not correctly work.
I followed your configuration (it’s the same that i had), and Test Rail return follow Error:

Could you help me?


Hi Paolo,

Thanks for your reply! This error just means that the date format you’ve used isn’t the format that JIRA expects. Usually the default for this would be yyyy-MM-dd (e.g. 2017-03-09). You can also check with your JIRA administrator to see what time format is configured (this can be different than what is displayed under JIRA’s look and feel administration page). Hope this helps!



Ciao Garcia,
i’m sorry, but the problem persist.
I checked Jira Advanced Settings, the format is d/MMM/yy as you can check in print.
Jira rest response always with error (print 2)
Could you help me?
Jira Configuration:

BUG Test Rail

Thanks in adavantage.


Hi Paolo,

Thanks for your reply! I was able to configure this in a test instance using yyyy-MM-dd format and everything worked properly. I would suggest reaching out to Atlassian support to see if they could assist in providing the correct format you should use for your instance.