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Plugin error after setting API token-based authentication


I have setup API token-based authentication as instructed in the TestRail documentation. However, when clicking the ‘Push’ link in the Add Result window, I received the following error:

Plugin “Jira_Cloud_REST” returned an error: Invalid user or password or insufficient permissions for the integration user (HTTP code 401). Please check the Jira User value in the Integration and/or User Settings has been configured correctly.

The integration parameters under [connection] is:

And in user > My Settings page, I have setup the Jira email address as my email and pasted the API token generated.

Please help. Our automated defect integration is on hold and we are raising defects in Jira manually right now.


Hello ydlazkov,

Thank you for posting! When using the ‘Push’ dialog, TestRail submits an API request to Jira in order to retrieve details from Jira and display this on screen. If you are receiving a 401 error when performing this action, this would indicate the credentials saved in TestRail for your account are not correct, causing the API request to fail.

Please double-check the credentials entered in your account under ‘My Settings > Settings’ to ensure you have entered your Jira email address along with an API token for your account. We have also released a video walkthrough for updating these settings:

I hope this helps!


Thanks, John.

All good now. The issue was caused by my other temporary user account. After deleting the temp account and then revoking and re-generating the token; the issue was resolved.