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Please clear the select all checkbox after performing operation


HI, I’m boggled now after performing a couple bulk operations and now I’m missing test cases. Take this scenario:

  1. Click the select all box in a section that contains several test cases.
  2. Uncheck a couple test cases. Problem 1: Notice the select all box is still selected.
  3. Perform the delete on the selections
  4. Problem 2: Notice the select all box is still selected.
    At this point, I don’t know what behavior is with sections checked without cases selected underneath. I’m missing test cases for a couple entire sections now, and not sure if it was my fault or what. Nevertheless, can you help restore some sections? I have info in my notes.


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your posting. The Delete action for cases (via the bulk-delete) would only ever delete test cases and no sections would be affected. The select-all checkbox for a section is for just convenience to select multiple cases and does not include the section as part of the deletion. If you deleted more cases that you wanted, we can help with restoring a database backup if you are on TestRail Cloud. In this case, please send an email to and we are happy to assist (please note that restoring a backup would revert the database back to the previous state and changes after the backup would be lost).



Ok this makes sense thank you.


You are welcome, Matthew!