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Please Allow Inline Test Case Editing


At the moment it is possible to edit the title of a test case inline whilst viewing the full list of test cases. This is good. Then if the far right arrow is clicked the content of the test case is opened in a panel to the right of the list. But it is not editable.

Please make the content in this panel editable.

This will speed up the refactoring process. At the moment to edit a test case it has to be opened by itself and navigate back to the list when done. This is too much clicking/overhead when tweaking test cases. I would like to be able to go down each one in the list, view its content in the panel to the right of the list and then edit it. Preferably the behaviour will be that the text becomes editable when I place my cursor onto it.



Thanks for your posting! Yes, that’s planned for a future update. We currently recommend opening the edit form in a separate tab (e.g. via ctrl+click on the edit icon) and you can then simply close the tab when you are finished.



It would be good if other fields selected for display on the Test Suite view could be edited in-line as well.


Hey Glenn,

Thank you for the post. We will definitely take this suggestion into consideration.