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Plans to move away from Flash renders of graphs?


A quick search of this forum didn’t yield a hit so apologies if this has been covered.

Are there any plans to move the graph rendering to something other than Flash? HTML5 etc? Some team members report that the Flash plugin crashes after consuming lots of RAM [this guy spends a LOT of time in TestRail :wink: ] He’s using Firefox for reference.

We’re back on yet for reference with plans to upgrade soon after the current round of projects are done.



Hello Donald,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, there are plans to move away from Flash and use a simple JavaScript/canvas based solution in the future. This would give us more control over the chart design/functionality and would also be supported with the print reports etc.

That said, we haven’t seen any issues/crashes with the Flash charting control so far, so could you please tell us the Firefox and Flash versions your colleague uses, if possible? Thanks!