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Planning to Upgrade MYSQL


We are planning to upgrade our Testrail Instance to the latest one.

currently we are running with

TestRail version :
MySQL 5.7
PHP 7.2.16

& we are looking ahead to upgrade as below.

TestRail version :
MySQL : 8.0.15
No change in PHP

Can anyone help if you have any steps / upgrade notes for DB part.

Thanks ,

Hi Krishna,

TestRail does not currently support MySQL 8.0, so, based on the information you provided, upgrading to TestRail 5.7 would only require you to update your TestRail installation files and walk through the upgrade wizard in TestRail..

Hope this helps,

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the comments .

We were good to upgrade without MySQL upgrade.

I’ve a suggestion to the upgrade notes that it will be good if you can add the exact DB versions that TestRail supports. Because after 5.7 the MySQL is heading to 8. So sometimes it gets confused because of this versions. ( May be only me :wink: )

Thanks ,