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Planned test date in a test plan/run

Would be great if we could have a planned test date for tests in a test run/plan so that we can then see a planned vs actual tracking graph.
This would enable test managers to ensure the testing is on track.

Hi Emma,

Beautiful German Shepard! The forecasting feature is already built into TestRail. While viewing a Milestone, Plan or Run look to the right-hand menu. You will see both Activity and Progress tabs which will provide the information you are after.

The forecasting will work regardless of if you provide test elapsed time or a milestone deadline. However, additional information provided where possible will help ensure the accuracy of the forecasting.

Hi Vtran

Thanks he thinks he’s special :slight_smile:

We are more after being able to say when each test in the test plan/run is intended to be run and the actuals after. We aren’t concerned with the time each actual test takes but rather the dates they are supposed to be run on.
With your forecasting it appears to be the time each test takes to run rather than the dates they are run. Especially as there doesn’t appear to be any field for the test run/plan to be able to say what day each individual test is expected to be run.



Thanks for the clarification. Currently the expected start date for test run/plan or individual test is not supported in such a way that it would integrate with the forecasting algorithm.

If you can do without the forecasting, then it would be possible to create a custom field with the type as “Date”. These custom fields can be used in anyway your team needs. It is even possible to generate reports based on these fields as well.

Thanks I’ll look into that

I think I know what Emma is after, and I’d like the same thing. I’m looking for the ability to schedule a Date on which a given Test should be executed. The ability to customize does not include adding a field on the T-Level. Only the Result-level. And since it’s not possible to enter a Result at the Result level without adding a Status, it’s difficult to enter a date for planning purposes.