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Pivotal Tracker integration in Testrail


I’ve been having difficulty finding a clear answer on this. Is there a way to sync or import user stories created in Pivotal Tracker to Testrail, and manipulate their status from Testrail (accept/close/reject etc). I see there’s a way to link test cases to pivotal tracker stories, but does the integration go beyond this?

Ideally, we want to make Testrail the one-stop solution for our test team (instead of bouncing between PT and Testrail).



Thanks for your post! The Pivotal Tracker integration wouldn’t ‘sync’ any data from PT to TestRail, as TestRail doesn’t have a built-in requirements/issue tracking module. We found that most teams prefer to manage their requirements/user stories/feature requests within their issue tracker such as JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, and others. So the data for these would always be stored in Pivotal Tracker, and TestRail would just retrieve the data for these in real-time via the lookup feature of the integration (e.g. you would be able to see the status and details of the issues and jump to PT quickly to update them if needed). Hope this helps to clarify this!



Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it. So just to confirm, updating the status of a story directly from Testrail would not be possible, but using the look-up feature and jumping directly to Pivotal Tracker would be the best way to accomplish this?



Hey J,

In this case, yes this would be the best way to do this as TestRail would not be able to update values of existing defects/requirements.