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Pie chart to bar



I am making a custom report for all of the test run statuses tracked. I am using the Runs (Summary) as a base for my custom report and I’ve managed to get rid of all the other features I don’t want for my report, but I’m still trying to change the pie chart into a single bar which has all the statuses. Can you give me some advice on where and possibly how I should edit the code?



Hi Juha,

Thanks for your posting! There’s no dedicated reusable view/control for the bar charts for the reports at this point and we would recommend keeping the default pie chart for maximum compatibility with future TestRail versions. The pie chart is also the only chart version that shows all details at a glance (the bar charts are a bit more compact though).



Hi, gurock team,

In a “test plan” REPORT with “test run” pass rate, we can see the pass rate in plain text of a percentage.

Our team would like to use a chart-bar as the one in tab “Test Runs & Results”:

This would help us know cases in other status at a first glance in report.

Our testrail version is v4.1.0.3294.

Does this version have such a feature now?
Or, would you consider such feature in future development?




Thanks for your posting. Depending on the report, TestRail would already display the chart bar but it’s not always possible due to space limitations. I’m happy to add this to our feature request list and we will make sure to look into it for a future version, thanks again!