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PHP library?


Could a PHP library be made for SI? That’s would be
undoubtly valuable for php scripters as i know of no
logging possibilties there…?



when we developed SmartInspect 1.0 we actually thought about building a PHP library and already wrote some code for it. We later decided to focus on .NET, Java and Delphi so the PHP code was never released (nor finished).

It would be quite easy to build a simple PHP SmartInspect library, but as we don’t plan to release or develop one, you could give it a try yourself if you have a need for it.

The format and protocols are documented here:

If you are going to develop a SmartInspect compatible logging library for PHP, please contact me and I will give you some tips/hints (click my name below to send me an email).



I’am working to a DLL Wrapper of original Gurock SmartInspect library. I dont’know if you can use external DLL function inside a PHP. If yes you can use my work. It’is still in beta testing…but if you would try i can send it to you…

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Did anyone ever move forward on this? I’ve picked up a PHP job and, well, I’m dying for my Smart Inspect! Is the idea of putting it in SmartInspect still dead, cause PHP apparently isn’t.


Hello Nick,

Thanks for your posting. An unsupported PHP compatible library can be downloaded from our Extras page:

This won’t be added to the official SmartInspect distribution but is available as a separate download. Please note that the library is considered unsupported (but works well and we use this on a day-to-day basis actually for TestRail development). Documentation can be found at the top of the smartinspect.php file.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!