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PHP error: call to undefined function


From time to time our TestRail instance becomes unresponsive with an error of following kind:


PHP Error: Cannot redeclare class library in testrail\sys\base\library.php at 21


Undefined variable: case

Undefined variable: GI

(Every time undefined variable is different)

Memory limit is set to 4GB in php.ini, which should be plenty:

memory_limit = 4294967296

These errors get fixed by simple IIS server restart. But our team wants to avoid this issue at all, i.e. to stop getting these kinds of messages because TestRail gets unresponsive at very different times, which are difficult to predict and every time it requires a person with admin access to the application to fix this error. This becomes very annoying and inconvenient. Is it possible to fix this once and be sure it won’t happen again?

Thanks in advance for any ideas of how to handle this case.