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Permissions Changed for Adding Attachments of Non-image File Types

Recently our team has noticed that individuals with the Tester role are no longer able to add/browse for attachments of other types. This was commonly available at the bottom of an “Add Result” dialog:

Further investigation found that this permission is now tied to the Add/Edit permission for Cases & Sections.

Is this a bug, or was this an intended change in the most recent TestRail release?

If this is intended, it’s not a desirable change for our group. We’d still like to grant Testers the ability to provide other attachments (i.e. text files, config files, log files, etc.), while preventing them from making critical changes (i.e. modifying the content of a master test case).

Version Info:

TestRail v6.4.0.1293 (Cloud)

Due to image limitation for new users, posting second attachment here.

Our current Add/Edit permissions for users of the Tester role. Add/Edit Cases & Sections is now required to add/browse for attachments of different types: