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Performance of testrail


I’d like to ask whether TestRail is designed for small groups only or can easily handle about 10 000 - 30 000 cases with 60-100 QA engineers simultaneously working at he same time?

What hardware resources are required, in case it’s supported?

Also, what about rollback to the earlier point (-1 day, as a common case), how could it be conducted and how much time does it take?

Also, what about reporting statistics for such TestRail usecases, was it verified, is it acceptable?
We have to configure several reports to be constantly available (with update on the fly) to keep



Thanks for your posting. TestRail was designed to work well with small and large installations alike and performs well even with a lot of users and data. We have quite a few customers with large TestRail installations and 100+ users. We have an article about optimizing TestRail installations and give hardware recommendations for large installations (it’s not necessarily needed to follow all these recommendations though):

Rollbacks are not directly supported on the application level, but can be implemented with SQL backups. Rollback performance/time hereby depends on the backup type and used database (logical backups, raw backups/binary log etc.).

The built-in reports and statistics were optimized for performance (e.g. with aggregated data and tables) and also work well with large installations. The performance of custom reports depends on the specific reports and implementation but we can also help with this if you see any issues.

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.