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Performance issues



while TestRail does perform quite well for us, we encounter some performance issues which are restricted to certain actions / processes. For example closing a test run does take a lot of time, and deleting a milestone prompted an error message that said “Lock wait timeout exceeded” repeatedly.
Are these known issues and if yes, is there a solution in sight for them?


Getting Lock wait timeout exceeded error while deleting test runs

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting! This usually indicates a performance or configuration issue with the database backend and we have a general optimization guide for the database configuration here:

Assuming you use MySQL for the database backend, changing just 1-2 options can already make a huge difference compared to the default settings (e.g. innodb_buffer_pool_size). We are happy to provide additional feedback if you can share a few more details about your setup (ideally via email at



Thanks for the info, things are working now!


Thanks, Chris, that’s great to hear :slight_smile: