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Performance issues within one project



while TestRail does perform quite well for us, we encounter severe performance issues which are restricted to a certain project.
Seems like after a certain amount of testruns/testcases within one project TestRail is not able to handle to amount of data.

Adding a new empty test case takes about 30 seconds, closing & archiving finished test runs is not possible at all in our project anymore as this always results in a 500 internal server error. Even test runs with only 5 test cases cannot be archived anymore.

We subdivide our projects yearly which means that we have inserted all of our projects into one TestRail project for 2018.
Towards the end of 2017 we experienced similar performance problems and nearing the end of 2018 we have this problem again.

Our VM that TestRail runs on should not be the problem as in other projects all these mentioned actions can be performed with the usual smoothness. Only this one huge project seems to be affected.

Also read through but unfortunately did not found anything helpful. As we are using an SQL Server Database the buffer pool should not be the problem as SQL Server tries to allocate as much unused memory for its buffer pool as needed.

Is this a known issues and if yes, is there a solution in sight for this?
Is there a way we could archive our finished test runs?
Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Kind Regards




Thanks for the post! We’re happy to help troubleshoot this to determine the cause, and you can feel free to e-mail us at with some additional details (PHP version, TestRail Version, Operating System, size of project, etc.) and we’re happy to help resolve this.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback!