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Perform Test Runs Offlne

Is there any way to execute test runs and preferably edit test suites offline?
E.g. Would TestRail Server make it possible to host a server on my personal computer and then sync with the company server once back online?

Why would a company server running Test Rail be offline?

To have a local instance would likely take another license, TR install, and an entire db (MySQL or MS SQL). The corporate server running TR should not be offline for any real amount of time outside of normal server maintenance.

The goal is to execute test runs on an offline computer, and then sync it with the server once back online.

Test Rail does not execute test runs - it was not designed to do that. If a Test Rial instance was “off line” the test results would need to be updated manually or by the API (coding would be needed by your work). Then you want to update an “online” instance with the results from the “off line” instance

This is double the work and I don’t understand the reason or see any advantage to doing this - especially since the “off line” instance would need a full db and install and likely TR licenses.