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Percentage passed is incorrect in some cases


We have many test cases associated with a particular milestone, and we have nearly completed the testing. Nearly, but not 100%.

There are 924 test cases associated with the milestone. 1 is untested and 2 tests failed.

On the main Milestone page, the percentage passed is displayed as 100%. It appears as though the value is being rounded up.

This rounding will work fine for us in all cases except when the percentage is between 99 and 100. In that case, I would prefer that the % remain at 99 until all tests have actually passed.



Hello Travis,

Thanks for your posting. This was changed recently and the latest version of TestRail (3.0.4) now uses the approach you suggest, i.e. not showing 100% if not all tests passed. Previous versions have simply rounded the numbers and you would have seen 100%. Which TestRail version do you currently use?



OK - thank you. I’ll look for that when we upgrade.

I am currently using



You are welcome, Travis, and please let me know in case you have any further questions.