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PDF reports much bigger since 6.0

I run a set of 12 standard reports each sprint, and use the “email as PDF option” so they can be reviewed by managers. Before TestRail 6.0, these 12 reports all together were 1 MB or less.

Since upgrading to 6.0, the same collection of reports now is 25 to 30 MB.

Has anyone else run into significantly larger PDF reports since upgrading?

Hi Ari,

Thanks for the post. This is a known issue with TestRail 6.0 and has been patched in the Cloud version with 6.0.2, with a fix incoming for TestRail Server users with an upcoming patch release. I don’t have an estimate on when that will be available, but we are working to include this and other small fixes in the update in the coming weeks.

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We’ve updated our server version and the PDF reports are back to their original smaller sizes! Thank you.

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