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PCL for Xamarin and Mac OS X Console Viewer



I love using SmartInspect on the Windows side and could really use this in my Xamarin mobile apps. Please consider a PCL/NuGet for SmartInspect compatible with Xamarin iOS, Android, Mac and create a new console viewer for Mac OS X so that log files can be viewed easily on Windows or Mac OS X. I think this would be a nice market for you to explore and reap the benefits.

Thank you.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.


SmartInspect Router support for additional platforms?

Hello Neal!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Currently we don’t have plans to build SmartInspect for the Mac and for Xamarin, as this would mean that we would have to completely rebuild SmartInspect from scratch, and this would take many years and would be very expensive. But we are happy to explore additional platform options for SmartInspect in the future as well.



I for one would like to see a PCL version of the client side library only. As i understanding, the client side library is provided in source code form, for paying customers. I’m just evaluating the product currently. If the src is managed code, it should not be hard to build a PCL from it.



.NET Standard 2.0 is where I’d go with this now. I’d venture to say with Xamarin and the mobile industry it would be a lucrative business offering, probably surpassing the test rail side of the house.



I’m not a customer yet… Can you check if the src for the library is a managed c# project? It it is: it should not be incredibly difficult to build it as a PCL package of it. There’s an independent dev who ported it to python. If you want be can work on it together? If we pull the trigger on the purchase.