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Paul "Actine" Danyliuk, one-man band



I’m Paul, 22 y.o. from Ukraine, and I’ve been on the forums for a while. Previously QA Automation engineer (Selenium WebDriver & REST API testing of a web application) for 2.5 years in an award-winning team, now on career break (i.e. quit the job) so that I could work on personal projects full time. Mostly attracted to front-end, but also can do back-end (only PHP so far), and currently learning Android and developing my first app at the moment.

TestRail aficionado, and developed a few simple but [seemingly] useful UI scripts for TestRail (can be found in TestRail Customizations section). Next up, I have a much bigger TestRail plugin idea in mind (probably commercial), and after I’m done with Android, I will start developing a public prototype to see if you like it. But first things first, so stay tuned! (:

Lifetime goal — to become the next “big shot” in worldwide IT community, like Paul Irish or Addy Osmani :smile:


Welcome to the forum, Paul!