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Past Workload report


I would like to display the past workload/time spent per user in hours in a run or a project. I have used the Property Distribution report from Results. However, this rapport only displays the number of tests, not the number of hours.

Which report should I use?

Is it possible to see the past workfload per user in hours ?
Because the property distribution report with Tested by only display the number of tests

Hi @thierry11,

Thanks for the post! To collect data on workloads, you should be able to use the Workload Summary report within TestRail. This report will provide you with aggregate statistics for one or more users, including the total forecast and elapsed time for your tests.

Hope this helps,

This report doesn’t display the total time on past tests, only the number of test. Should I activate a option to display the total past time?

@jon.reynolds Do you have an update on this request?