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Pass value from result into another test downstream


I have test results that generate order #'s, etc. and those are needed in subsequent tests. Can I have those values get automatically added to other test scenarios downstream?


Hello Ronnie,

Thanks for your posting! You could look into including links to other tests/cases in the rich-text fields as follows:


I can also recommend looking into consolidating cases into fewer cases. This can make sense if the cases/tests depend on each other or share data as in your case. One approach that is often used in this case is to use the separated steps control:



Thanks for the reply. So how would you handle this scenario?

Test 1: Assignee 1, follow instructions and generate order using specific criteria. Record Order Number
Test 2: Assignee 1, generate order using different criteria. Record Order Number
Repeats 10+ times.

Test 12: Assignee 2, using Order # from Test 1, Check order flow progress
Test 13: Assignee 2, using Order # from Test 2, Check order flow progress

It seems Assignee 2 will need to click back and forth many times from prior test results to find correct order number(s) to proceed.

Can I at least display the order number (custom field) in a column so they can copy/paste from the list view?


Hello Ronnie,

Thanks for the feedback! Testers would be able to look up details of other test results by looking at the previous test or a linked test and you would also be able to add custom fields to track this information. We also plan to make it easier to look up details of linked tests and cases without having to switch to that page. You would also be able to add any custom fields as a column to your test run page so it would be very easy to see any previous transaction/order number. We are also happy to review an additional feature to show this information directly on subsequent test pages (although this could be a bit misleading/confusing if not displayed/communicated correctly and I haven’t seen this in another tool so far).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!


Thanks, Dennis. Do you have a rough timeline on when those features will be added? (e.g. weeks/months?)


Hello Ronnie,

We don’t have a specific timeframe and cannot usually say if/when a specific feature will be available unfortunately. But making it easier to look up linked test case details (and also ways to directly see all test details from the run page without having to open a specific test) is definitely high on our wish list and is something we can hopefully work on this year. Our current focus is a larger TestRail update for an release after the summer and we don’t plan specific features far in advance after the next update usually.


Any news on this Dennis? It is critical for us


Hi Mark,

We currently don’t have an update on this one but it’s still planned to look into this. I also added a comment to the other thread: