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Pass a step, passes the test case. Is there a way not to do this?


So I have a test case with multiple steps inside. Step 2 can be passed but want to come back and test the rest at a later date… Passing step 2 will pass the entire test case so this might get overlooked later.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance



I am still evaluating TestRail to use in our team so my apology if the answer is not clear enough for you.
What I found is whenever you made the first update in a Test Step to be Pass or Fail, the whole Test Case status get updated with that. But after that it does not get updated automatically anymore. You have to update yourself. In your case what you need to do is, after you update Test step 2 to be “Passed”, make the Test case Status at the top at “Failed”. Then it will mark at failed for you. And later when you think you are ready to make the Test Case “Passed” you will need to update the Status again.

Hope this helps.


So it is easy to miss a test case if 1 out of 100 tests (Extreme case being putting forward… Not that I would ever do this) was marked as pass and the other 99 were left to do at a later date.
If a new tester was to move on to the project they would just see the test as pass and not know the other 99 were marked as untested.
The statistics doesn’t show the missing tests either and just lists the amount of test suites, not test cases.

The image below is showing 3 test cases ad the top one as passed, yet there are 2 untested in that scenario.

The 33% passed is due to there being 2 other test cases each with 3 tests in there so the percentage should be more around 16.6%


Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your post! The statistics would be based on the latest result entered for your tests and wouldn’t be based on individual steps. In this case, if you still aren’t completely finished testing a test case, we would recommend creating and using a separate status for this (e.g. such as an ‘In Progress’ status) under Administration > Customizations and this would make it easier to track and ensure that all unfinished tests are completed eventually. The default test status would be Passed, and so when you just set a single step status and then submit the overall result, this would still show the test as passed. You would need to be sure to set the overall test status to something like the ‘In Progress’ status I mentioned above (or any other status that isn’t passed) before submitting the result so that the statistics are reflected accurately. The statistics and percentages would always be based on overall test results and not individual steps inside a test. Hope this helps!



Thank you! This looks like a good work around to our problem. We’ll give it a go and see how it goes. :smiley:
Thank you!