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Parameterized test results in TestRail


I am considering putting my automated test results and I have a question related to parameterized tests.

I found a couple older posts on the topic and wanted to clarify what is possible, how do to it, etc. I also wanted to double check that what is mentioned in these posts is current because they are both rather old posts.

Here are those posts:

  1. Upload parametrized test to testrail
  2. One Case, multiple, parametrized test runs for test case

Link 1 mentions the use of a custom field, but I don’t fully understand how that would work in light of what is mentioned in link 2. In other words, if add_result_for_case is called for the same parameterized test multiple times with a different custom field for each, would the final overall run result be in terms of the last result for the case or all the case results?

Has anything changed in the past year or so that would impact parameterized tests?

Thanks in advance for your help.

On our side, we have create a test case for each tuple of parameters. So we report a test result for each test case.

Thanks for your comment. It appears to me that this does work but can have an unexpected effect on the test run scoring. My manual experiments make me believe that if multiple results for one case are sent in, only the last one is used as part of the overall test run score (percentage).

Why do you want to send several test results for the same test case?