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Pairwise Testing Compatability


Dear Gurock Team!

We are looking for the pairwise testing instrument. Right now, we are thinking about the Hexawise, but it’s no integration with TestRail/JIRA.

Possibly, you have a partner with a tool for pairwise testing which is integratable to the TestRail or backwards?

Best wishes,


Hexawise let’s you export your test cases, and you can then import them into testrail.
You probably have to manipulate the data a bit but nothing difficult.
That’s, in my opinion, all the integration you need.



Thanks for your posting and thanks for the suggestion @rstens. We haven’t seen a request about this before and we would be happy about reviewing any potential integrations. As @rstens mentioned, importing generated cases would likely work best, and TestRail makes this very easy via our CSV import wizard:

Have you also contacted the Hexawise team to suggest an integration to e.g. push test cases directly to TestRail? This would be fairly easy to do via our API:



Dear dgurock,

Thank you for quick reply!

@rstens - thank for suggestion!


Dear Gurock Team,

One more question!
Your Import Wizard is very useful - thanks.
But I’ve faced an issue - we have a checklist for one of our features. It has 98 one-step tests, like number of different parameters, that must be sent to the server.

Is there any possibility to import it in the checklist way?

We have six columns, where name = parameter’s name, and each one has 98 rows with different parameters.


Hi there!

You would generally be able to configure TestRail to use separate test steps and then also import the test steps via the CSV import wizard:

Alternatively if this only applies to certain test cases and certain parameters, you could think about formatting the checklist as a table in TestRail instead:

I hope this helps!