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Paid users?


Hi. We have a change in our team. Could you please clarify how cost is calculated - if I make user Inactive - will he be excluded from the cost? Or shall I delete the user to decrease the cost?


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting. Users can be deactivated in the administration area under Administration > Users & Roles. Fully deleting users is not supported in order to retain their test history etc. but deactivating users has basically the same effect (the user is no longer counted against the license limit or subscription fee, cannot log in anymore and can no longer be selected in user dropdowns, such as the Assign To fields for tests and test runs).

TestRail Hosted accounts/instances are always billed by the maximum number of activated user accounts you had in a given month (and charged at the beginning of the following month). Reducing/increasing the number of users will therefore automatically reduce/increase the monthly fee.

I hope this helps!





You are welcome, Konstantin!



So then if one has a yearly plan (12 monthys for the price of 11), it could actually be more expensive you one pays the whole year but then deactivates people for more than a month. Is there any change in pricing for full year subscribers if some users are deactivated for an extended period?



Hi Curtis,

Thank you for the post. When you pay annually up front for TestRail Cloud, you are basically putting that money into a bucket. We remove money each month from that bucket based on the initial number of users you licensed TestRail for. If you add active users within a billing period, we would simply remove more money from that bucket when it came time to invoice your account. If you were to mark users as inactive for an extended period of time, you would actually remove money from that bucket at a much lower rate.

Does this help?