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Pagination for test *runs*


We currently use TestRail to store large amounts of automated test runs. Because test runs aren’t paginated, it takes a long time to load the list of test runs for some projects (one project currently has over 1000 runs).

We could really use a fix for this.

The general issue of pagination was brought up a little while ago. It looks like pagination exists for test cases, but not for test runs.



Thanks for your posting. Please make sure to close your test runs as TestRail uses pagination for closed test runs and will only display a small amount of runs by default. You can close test runs either as part of your automated tests (via the close_run API method) or manually (for example, if you would like to review the runs before closing them):

Please note that closing test run archives test runs and prevents future modifications.



This solution presents a challenge for us as we often do not know for certain when we want to close a run, or more importantly, we may want to go back and modify existing runs. As you mentioned, closing/archiving a run prevents this.

Are there any plans for paginating active runs?


There are plans for this, yes, and I’ve just added another vote to this request (thanks!). I would still recommend implementing a standard process for closing the test runs (either as part of the automated tests or manually afterwards).