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Pagination for test results and other areas


Many areas of the application seem to have two display modes. One is to display a certain limited amount, and the other is to “display all”.

We’ve run into some situations where the first mode is not enough. For example, some test suites contain 500+ test cases, so users have to click on Show All, and they have to do it every time they go into that area.

Similarly, in Test Run -> Activity, we occasionally have test runs linked to automation that may have thousands of test results. The first mode displays about 20 results or so, and the other option is “show all” which requires a load of thousands of results.

I feel as though the better approach to both of these situations might be to support pagination, allowing you to cycle through results a page at a time, rather than load a little or load all. I suspect this could be done via AJAX or concrete page loads.

Thanks for listening


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. You can customize the pagination limit for the test suite/run pages in the administration area under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface > Pagination Limit. The default setting is quite low because many browsers have issues rendering large tables efficiently (browsers are getting better at this though). We have plans to improve the pagination for other parts of the application (e.g. real pagination or auto-reload when scrolling) and also plan to rework the test suite/run pages which also includes the pagination and navigation, hopefully for one of the next releases.