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Owner + Subscription for changes


Is there a way to setup Owner for every test case, and subscribe for changes for test case?
So ideally Owner (test case creator is auto-subscribed, when reviewer reviewed it and added some comments reviewed is also autosubscrived and then when Owner considers feedbacks and updates test cases reviewer received notification with details of what was changed.
E.g. like it is done in Jira for any tickets.


I added Owner field but can’t set it’s default value to current user as well as see no ways to have subscription on changes


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no owner field for test cases but it’s already planned to support a built-in system for reviews and approvals. You can implement this yourself with one or more custom fields in the meantime. Notifications (for changes) are currently only supported for test runs and tests & results but it’s planned to look into this for test cases as well.