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Overview Page Feature


As I continue to evaluate this software, is there a way to show all the projects on the overview page and show when the milestones are so we can get a sense of when certain projects are going to be active in the QA department? Who is assigned to lead the project would also be useful information.



Thanks for your posting. The global dashboard shows an overview of all projects and you can view the respective milestones by clicking the arrow/symbol to the right of a project (which also shows the milestone due dates). The global dashboard can be reached via the “Return to Dashboard & Projects” link (upper left corner) when you are currently in a particular project.

I hope this helps, just let me know in case anything is unclear.



arbucch’s response to this thread (please make sure to use the Post reply link so everyone can see the posting, or you can email us instead if you like):

“To be more clear, I mean that it would be nice to have an overview page that says:
Project A - starts QA May 1, 2012 scheduled to finish May 30th, 2012 - person assigned is John Doe
Project B - starts QA May 15, 2012, scheduled to finish June 30th, 2012 - person assigned is Jane Smith
So, we can see what is coming up and where we are with the Project Portfolio.”



Thanks a lot for the feedback and additional details. I agree that it would be useful to provide additional meta information on the Dashboard page and we will look into this. As TestRail sorts all projects by name, you could also just prepend the start date of a project to the titles. This way you would see the next projects at the top of the list, if you used this date format:

2012-05-23 Project A
2012-06-23 Project B
2012-07-23 Project C

We will look into allowing different sort options for this though. Please note that you can also mark projects as completed (under Administration > Projects > edit a project) and completed projects are listed in a different section on the Dashboard to make it easier to see all your active projects at a glance.