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Out of memory loading .sil file


I have a 1.3Gb .sil file which I cannot load into the SmartInspect console.

Is it possible to split the file?

I have tried loading it on a 2Gb XP workstation and on an 8Gb 2003 (64bit) server. Both give an out of memory error when loading the file.

Any suggestions?



Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting. You can split the log file with the SmartInspectSplit tool which is part of our SmartInspect Resource Kit. The download actually contains the source code of the tool but a pre-compiled binary is also included in the “bin” directory. Please note that these tools require .NET framework 2.0 or later to be installed.

The SmartInspectSpit tool is a command line tool and “SmartInspectSplit.exe /?” shows the available options.


To answer my own question.

Yes you can split a .sil file. Use the SmartInspectSplit.exe from the SmartInspect resource kit.

SmartInspectSplit /in: /out: /size: