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Organize Test Cases within Scenarios


Hi, i am a newbie to Test Rail and am having a project where we have upwards of 10K test cases amongst 6 different modules which probably i can categorize as suites. Within those Suites how do i organize a Scenario that has multiple test cases which have multiple steps ? Is it just generate sections and sub-sections or some better recommendation ?


grouping of test cases into sections to represent scenarios is one option and depending on the other requirements you have, it might be a valid one.

Grouping/organizing test cases is unfortunately not the stronges feature of TestRail, as the only option to group them is by sections. So, if your test cases have a one 1:n relation to scenarios (i mean one testcase is exactly in one scenario), this works nicely.

But if you also considerung to group test cases by their module / functionality in general, then this is not possible anymore (as you only can do grouping by one feature).

There is one exception of this rule - you can add kind-of-tags to your test cases (via the multiselect field), which allows you to tag test cases and then have one main grouping defined by the sections, and different groupings defined by the tags.

Another tipp - if possible try to avoid multiple suites in a project, as this might make problems (at least for me): e.g. Multiple Test suite vs single test suite discussion