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Organize test cases from different test suites in a test plan


Hello guys, I need your help again.
Our company provides one product that is divided in different modules. In TestRail we created only one project named like our product and this project contains many test suites. Each module has got its own test suite. So one test suite is a basic test case library for a module.
For some tests (integration tests) I need test cases from different test suites. I create a test plan, include all needed test suites and select only those test cases that are necessary. But often I have to jump from one test suite to another and back again.

  1. Test case from test suite A
  2. Test case from test suite B
  3. Test case from test suite A

Is there a way to organize the order of test cases from different test suites in a test plan?
Is there a way to see all test cases of a test plan in a single view (not depending on the test suite)?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Matze,

Thanks for your posting! You can use test cases from different suites in a single plan but you would need to add multiple runs in this case (one per test suite). We usually recommend having a single case repository as this is the most flexible way to organize your test cases and this approach makes it possible to include all cases in a single run/plan or only a subset of cases. Starting with TestRail 4.0, new projects use the single-suite project mode by default and this makes creating test runs or generating reports for your entire case repository much easier and more flexible.

I can recommend reviewing the single-suite mode (e.g. with a temporary test project) to see if this would be a good fit. It’s important to note that moving test cases from one suite to another also removes test results of active test runs, so please consider closing any active test runs/plans if you want to restructure your project(s).

I hope this helps!



Hello Tobias,

thank you for your reply.
Assume that we have a single test case repository and I create a new test plan. I select only these test cases I need but they will be sorted in the same way as they are in the test suite. I am not able to define which test case comes first and which one is the next. Is that right?



Hello Matze,

The case/section order in test runs or plans is determined by the order in the suite/case repository. You can, however, change the sorting/grouping options when viewing a test run. For example, if you prefer to group/order your test cases by a different attribute when going through your tests (e.g. priority or status), you can simply select this attribute as part of the Sort: option in the toolbar above the test tables: