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Ordering Milestone by CreationDate/Title



I’m running TestRail v5.3 and I would like to know if there is a way to order Milestones by CreationDate or Title in the Milestones tab.

Because i’m creating several milestones and the latest ones get added to the bottom of the list (I think testrail by default orders them by ID).


Milestones are randomly ordered

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your posting. On the Milestones overview page, TestRail separates between active/upcoming (with a start date in the future) and completed milestones:

Each section is ordered in a slightly different way. Active milestones are ordered by their due date, if available, and their name otherwise. Upcoming milestone are ordered by their start date and completed milestones by their completion date, respectively. If you have multiple active milestones, you can look into assigning a due date to set the order or look into changing the name accordingly.

I hope this helps!



Never noticed that. Thanks for the quick answer.


Happy to help, Bruno :slight_smile: