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Order of test suite presentation in test plans


Is it possible to control the order of presentation of the test suites in a test plan? It seems dependent on the order in which the suite was added. This is fine I think if you remember the desired chronology as you’re adding suites but it is very easy to get into a situation where user A adds the current suites and user B adds newer suites later; but, I as their manager want to track progress in a specific order that might not be apparent when the suites were added.

In particular, we added a “smoke” suite after the “acceptance suite” and an “install suite” after that… the desired order of course is “smoke”, “acceptance”, “install” and not the built order of “acceptance”, “smoke”, “install”.

In future test plans we’ll add the suites in the proper order but it would be “nice” to specify the presentation order post initial creation of the plan.

Or maybe there’s an easier way?


There’s currently no way to change this order afterwards, but that’s already on our TODO list and will eventually be added (similar to how sections in suites can be re-ordered now; this feature will hopefully be available with the next 1-2 beta versions). Unfortunately, there’s currently no workaround to change the order in the current beta.